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    • amandamccoy

      yes it’s true. less than a month and i’ll be in glorious new orleans…..with my sister
      i heard you’re at a paper in ohio now? is this true?

      • callmequami

        Working with your sister, huh? It’s going to be like old times at The State News. Now, you’re going down there for an internship or a job?
        You heard sorta right. I leave Seattle on Saturday for the D. Then I move down to Columbus on Monday.

      • amandamccoy

        it’s an internship, but i plan on convincing them that after having me on staff for one summer they couldn’t possibly go back to their drab and dreary existence without me. so my delusional self says, anyway.

      • callmequami

        I don’t think the question will be whether they want to hire you. I think the only question will be whether you want to stay in Louisiana.

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