3 Responses to “jazz”

  1. stellablue3682

    oh my. woman, these made me very excited. can you post them all?: or can i see them sometime? or do you have an online portfolio with more?
    i would seriously buy the one with the kid and the trumpet, and the other with the dude carrying his case behind him. no joke. how much would it cost me to get prints of those suckas?
    and by the way, i got your postcard. it’s hanging right next to me, right now, at my desk at work. besides this really silly pic of me trying to learn to surf, and a nasty collection of empty arizona iced tea bottles, it’s the only decoration in my whole cubicle. everyone always asks about it. and i say, it’s from my friend amanda and she’s in new orleans and she’s an amazing photographer and i love her.
    🙂 again, no joke.

    • amandamccoy

      aw shucks, you’re too kind. i’m glad you got my postcard and that it merited a spot in your cubicle (yay!). that’s about it from my jazz escapade, all the pictures that are good anyway. once i get some ink for my printer i’m sure i could arrange a couple prints for you, in exchange for your cd of course (mwhahaha). hope you’re doing well my friend. i miss you!!!


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