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  1. startrip

    i miss you! i write you emails, i sign your facebook. what do i get in return? nothing. not a damn thing.
    it’s a shame.

    • amandamccoy

      i know, i know, i know….. i’m horrible. it’s just hard because i don’t have the internet. the bond shall not be broken. i promise.
      what’s new with you?

      • startrip

        hmmmm new…. uhm….. uhhh… yeah. nothing. 🙂 just doin’ the same ole same ole – editing, writing, working, playing. how about you? what choo doin’? job wise? fun wise? lady wise?

  2. beforetoday

    How are you so damned awesome?
    Also, I freaking can’t stand working out plane tickets. I don’t know how New Orleans is going to work out because all the tickets became super-expensive. Help?


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