Perhaps you don’t know, but I love cats. As in, it’s somewhat embarrassing how much I love cats. I have two, and the first I adopted from the Humane Society of South Mississippi. I would have done the same for the second but she appeared under my balcony, taking the adoption process into her own hands (or paws). With that said, when an assignment comes up involving the HSSM I’m usually the one jumping at it.

Last week I had the opportunity to do a feature on their resident vet for the Sun Herald’s Coast Character series.

0201_BILO_coast character02

Being an ace multi-tasker, Dr. Jennifer Morris conducted the interview while performing one of the many surgeries for the day.

0201_BILO_coast character01
0201_BILO_coast character04

Favorite line: “I’m really goodActually I think my Facebook description is Chief Unnecessary Organ Remover at the Humane Society. That’s basically what I do. I remove unnecessary parts.”

You can watch the video here.