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  1. stellablue3682

    oh my god. i LOVE it. lovelovelovelovelove it. do you ever sell any of these as prints??? because when i get my own place, i want some real McCoys (hahahha!!) on my walls.
    this one will be the first I order. the next will be the verticle one with just the dude playing trumpet and there’s a lot of space above his head. and then then i want the one of the red tractor and the queen anne’s lace. see how good your photos are? they sear into my brain.

    • amandamccoy

      lol. no i’ve never sold anything. i sometimes give ’em away…but that’s about it. i’ve giving my sister this one, the trumpet one you were talking about and then one more from my mini-jazz series for christmas…..because i’m a cheap bastard.
      ps. i didn’t even notice the misspelling. ha!


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