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  1. maytara

    God, I don’t know what everyone’s talking about. This photo sucks. I don’t know what you were even THINKING. haha. Just kidding. You know I adore your work. So we have a really big apartment in North Chicagoland, and you should come stay with us. True. We could drive or train into the city and go see Lindsey Anderson.

    • amandamccoy

      sweeeeet. when are you moving? does this mean you found a job in chi-town? on my next roadtrip i’m totally going to crash, spend a couple days making your daughter into a delinquent (or however it’s spelled, that’s how delinquent i am). ha!

      • maytara

        Yup, I moved, and yup, I got a job! Yay! You can come visit anytime, and you can turn my daughter into anything you want except a…. Republican! haha. I’ll bring the champagne; you bring the cigarettes. The balcony’s a patio, but it’ll do. haha.

      • amandamccoy

        i need more details than that?!!! jeesh…..what’s your job? how’s your place? is it wonderful? of course it is….it’s chicago. i’m so jealous. i’m thiiiiiiis close to throwing everything i own into my car and just driving to a major city and….well…after that it gets kinda fuzzy…..but basically surviving. je t’aime!!! and i hate christmas and people who wish merry christmas…but none-the-less i hope you had a wonderful one. i miss you
        ps-i don’t think you have to worry about me turning the wee one into a republican

      • maytara

        I don’t know… Republicanism is very contagious. You might have spent too much time photographing a Republican, and now you’re a carrier, and even though you don’t have it, you’ll pass it on to my daughter because she is young and doesn’t have a strong immune system yet. ha. there’s my logic.
        ANYWAY, I am e-mailing you as we speak. I’d say I’ll call you, but we’d all know that’s a lie because I never call anyone because I’m the worst friend in the world.

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